Unprecedented coalition in Slovakia

Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia (Source: Government Office of the Slovak Republic)


Outgoing Socialist Prime Minister Robert Fico (SMER-SD) won the challenge to form a new government in Slovakia. He formed an unprecedented coalition with nationalists, center-right and Hungarian minority parties. President Andrej Kiska had asked him to form a government as soon as possible after the 5 March elections (see our previous article on this).

On Wednesday, 23 March, President Kiska appointed Fico as Prime Minister once again. His coalition is comprised of the socialists of SMER-SD, the nationalists of SNS, the center-right Siet and the party representing the Hungarian minority, Most-HID. The majority controls 81 out of 150 seats in parliament. A confidence vote is supposed to be held within 30 days to confirm the new government.

SMER-SD still dominates the new government with important posts such as those of Foreign Affairs Minister, Interior Minister and Finance Minister, in addition to the Prime Minister.





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