Episode 2: Ukraine, geopolitics and the UN | Dr Georgios Kostakos

In this episode, Jason is joined by Dr. Georgios Kostakos, executive director of FOGGS, this podcast’s parent organization!

Georgios is co-founder and Executive Director of FOGGS with almost thirty years of work experience in international affairs, both as a practitioner and as a researcher. His experience includes fourteen years with the United Nations, with a wide range of assignments in many different parts of the world, from Haiti to South Africa, working on numerous issues including climate change, observing post-apartheid elections, and human rights. Additionally, he has previously held numerous senior positions at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), has organized postgraduate courses in international affairs at the University of Athens, and has taught Global Governance and International Organisations to postgraduate students at the Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent.

Georgios and Jason went into FOGGS and its history, including how it came to be, what its mission is and what work it’s undertaken so far. Afterward, the conversation shifted to the war in Ukraine, more specifically how it has affected global geopolitics, how it relates to the state of the world in general, and what the UN’s involvement in the conflict has looked like so far. Tune in for the full conversation!



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