“Je suis Charlie” rally in Brussels

The capital of the EU is also the world capital of the bande dessinée, and suffered its own terrorist attack in May 2014 with the killing of four persons at the Brussels Jewish Museum — no surprise therefore that the rally on 11 January 2015 attracted large crowds. 20150111_141320


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Georgios Kostakos

Georgios Kostakos is Executive Director of the Brussels-based Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS). He has been extensively involved in global governance, sustainability and climate-related activities with the United Nations and beyond. The starting point for the work of FOGGS is the need for a new “Grand Narrative” for a fair, human-centred and inclusive globalisation. One of its projects is the UN2100 Initiative for UN reform, while FOGGS also supports the Citizens Climate Pledge.

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