By Driss
from Casablanca, Morocco
Usually, when we go to a country for an Erasmus, we arrive with our very own bundle of stereotypes, and sometimes, if not often, we take them back with us…
At the end, the only way to leave your bundle beside the road is to keep your experience forever with you, no matter where you are, and this is not the task of your memory, but that of your friends, and that’s what Erasmus is all about.

Erasmus and student mobility across borders is not only the prospect of higher employability, meeting people from all over the globe or learning a new language. It is also the chance to meet your future partner! 27% of Erasmus alumni met their life partner during their stay abroad. Erasmus couples have produced nearly 1 million new babies since its implementation in 1987.

English Language as Cultural Capital

Graham McDougall – Just as the Euro represents a symbol of economic capital in what is perceived to be a rapidly homogenising European economy, the English language is quickly becoming a symbol of great cultural capital and a highly desirable, borderline indispensable skill; a must for the CV of any young European who wishes to be a important player in this brave new world.

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