By Carlos Carnicero Urabayen

The EU is at an extremely decadent moment in its history – so much so that it is hardly recognizable to citizens. Europeans must to be capable of fighting and working together for a different Europe.

Containing terror with security measures only goes so far.

An article with the same title as this one was published in the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s English-language daily a day after the terrorist attacks in Brussels. The author, Yossi Melman, describes the attacks as “the result of years of negligence” and “a colossal security and intelligence failure.” According to Melman, Europe missed the opportunity to profit from Israel’s security-related know-how. The author is both right and wrong.

by Evangelos Areteos

From the ashes of this ethical debris of the European civilization and the European project that were born after the Second World War and in reaction to all the ignominies of that past, the nation-state and its populist hubris are emerging as the big winners.

by Evangelos Areteos

We spent six days following refugees from Turkey to Idomeni, northern Greece, through Lesvos, Piraeus and Athens. What we lived and what we saw was a great lesson of humanity and strength but also a painful experience of suffering

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