5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Blast off!

By Evelyn Luz Acevedo Bravo

Only 1 hour drive from Brussels is the Euro Space Center, located in the Belgian province of Luxembourg (not far from Luxembourg the country). It’s a wide, open complex surrounded by magnificent views of the “Belgian Ardennes” forest.

The main entrance fee includes an interactive tour called “Space Odyssey”, on which you can travel through the history of space exploration, highlighting some of the major European contributions. You can discover the European space module named after Columbus, set free your imagination and try out how it feels being an astronaut.

Evelyn at Space Centre - IMG_4414-2What is a ‘must’ of the whole experience is to take the multipass combo, which includes the “Moonwalk experience” and the Planetarium; they are both worth it! If you like trying new sensations, you’ll love the Moonwalk, as it uses Real 3D technology to take you literally out of this world, to the moon and the stars beyond!

You can also spend part of your day outside, visiting the numerous rockets, satellites and spaceships. For the little ones, there is a huge solar system replica, where they can get a sense of the size and distance between planets. And if you are lucky enough, you may witness a rocket blast off!


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