UN75+25: A history model for a model future

The United Nations (UN) is formed by the so-called Member States that assemble to promote both world peace and world unity. However, despite humanitarian actions to help nations that suffer from economic, political, and social problems and to prevent armed conflicts, political disagreements and religious intolerance remain two of the main obstacles for having the UN that we want for the world that we deserve. 

First, the world has historically been marked by conflicts generally caused by political disagreements that, even after the foundation of the UN, continued to create unease among the Member States. The great wars, the civil wars, the revolutions, among other conflicts that have marked or still mark the world, originated from political issues, whether, for example, to maintain a government in power or to depose or establish an authoritarian government. 

In this sense, in 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the UN emerged, promoting dialogue among nations, intervening peacefully in situations of violation of human rights of any kind. Hence, we state that this is the UN we want, an organisation that continues to do great humanitarian work on a global scale, for the world that we deserve. 

Second, religious intolerance is also a historical problem. One of the main examples of religious intolerance among Western countries in the 20th century was World War II. However, despite the death of millions of Jews, neo-Nazi protests and religious prejudice are still observed in the 21st century. 

The UN supports, in a peaceful way, both religious freedom and freedom of speech, as long as the freedom of speech of one does not hurt the freedom of speech of others. Hence, we restate that this is the UN we want, an organisation that continues to fight all forms of intolerance, for the world that we deserve. 

Therefore, it is a fact that, throughout history, the UN has been promoting humanitarian actions to combat economic, political and social evils in favour of human rights around the world. Even in the midst of so many conflicts, the UN has been promoting the dialogue among nations, fighting for world peace. We could not finish this text differently than by highlighting that this is the UN that we want for the world that we deserve, that is, a world of respect for human dignity for the present and the next generations. 

Savio Alencar

Savio de Alencar Pessoa is an 18-year-old Journalism student, residing in Teresina, in the state of Piauí – Brazil, who supports dialogue, respect, and the involvement of all people in politics.

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