Articles by Louis Edoa

Ph.D. student in the Postgraduate Program in Social Communication at the School of Communication, Education and Humanities of the Methodist University of Sao Paulo, in the studies of Risk Communication, Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters linked to Climate Change in Vulnerable Territories – Capes Fellow. Master in Social Communication from the Methodist University of São Paulo, CNPq scholarship holder. Specialist and Consultant of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in organizations (D&I). Professional journalist, Theologian, Philosopher, Writer, and Researcher in Communication.

Louis Edoa

Quality of life, access to clean water, basic sanitation, decent living conditions, and good education remain far from the reality of the population. In October 2016, with the sanction, by the President of the Republic, of Decree No. 8.892 of October 27, 2016, Brazil officially adopted the 2030 Agenda together with other UN member states,…

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