CINE-REVIEW: Fifty shades of soap

Last night, St. Valentine’s Eve, I went with a couple of good friends to see the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey“. It was Friday night, after a very busy working week, so we thought why not, let’s watch something light and cute, for a change (we tend to go to more challenging, soul-searching and occasionally disturbing movies). And guess what — light and cute is exactly what we got!

The plot does not let you guess much, as it goes pretty fast to the main course. The two protagonists accidentally meet in the first few minutes of the movie,  the mutual attraction is instant, and their relationship begins. The guy happens to be rich and famous, and young and attractive, while the girl is beauty and innocence personified, so it is nice to watch them getting together in expensive apartments, helicopters and fancy cars. There has to be some drama and pain in every soap opera, though, and in this case it comes from the guy’s particular fetishes, apparently left-overs of a traumatic youth.

I won’t get into more details, not to spoil the suspense for those who want to see it. I have not read the book by E. L. James that this is based on, but I hear that the movie is even better, or less soapy, perhaps. The chemistry between the couple, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, is certainly there and the director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, takes advantage of it to keep you pleasantly hooked for the 125 minutes of the movie. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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