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The heads of state and government of the Eurozone met on 22 June in Brussels to attempt to find an agreement on the continuation of Greece’s bailout. A sense of urgency accompanied the summit, resulting from the imminence of a potential Greek default and a run on deposits in Greek banks. At the conclusion of the Summit, President of the European Commission Juncker stated that he was “convinced that we will come to a final agreement this week, because we have to.” In anticipation of the Summit, Greece submitted a final proposal containing new measures for addressing its economic and financial situation, which were discussed by the finance ministers of the Eurogroup prior to the Summit

The Euro Summit of 22 June has ended without a solution to the Greek issue but President Juncker has said that a final agreement will be reached this week in the European Council of 25-26 June. The general tone emanating from the Summit has been one of final ultimatum to Greece mixed with acknowledgement that…

By Viktor Sukup

The last few months have not ceased to darken the European scene. Islamist terrorism remains a serious threat, as shown by the attacks in Paris and the high number of “jihadists” made in Europe. The economy is still not taking off; unemployment is not dropping; and the problem of Greece is not yet resolved. As for immigrants and the thousands of deaths from their attempts to reach Europe, as well as the highly shady deals between European countries over how to receive –or rather reject– these immigrants, the NGO, Global Social Justice, estimates, not incorrectly, that we should now be ashamed to be European.

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