Submission Guidelines

Submission requirements

In order for your submission to be considered for publication, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Articles must be between 500 to 1000 words in length.
  • Articles must be submitted in English.
  • Articles should fit into one of our current sections.
    • See the bottom of this page for details on the specific sections and any special initiatives that may be active.
    • Please list the section you have chosen in your submission.
  • Articles must maintain a respectful tone.
    • We look to encourage open discussion of ideas rather than divisive attacks on individuals or groups.
  • We also accept visual submissions. See the “Art” section descriptions below to find out more

Articles may be published under your name, a pseudonym, or anonymously. However, we ask that you provide at least a short description of your background to help the reader better understand your perspective (for example your location, nationality, profession, age, and/or gender). For eponymous articles we require your photo and two-line bio. Additionally, we invite you to share your social media pages with us so we can give you a shout out when your article is published.

While we trust in the honesty of our contributors, the prevalence of misinformation in the current time requires us to conduct due diligence prior to publication. The information provided in your submission will be checked against publicly available info in order to corroborate basic details. If we have any further questions about details in your piece, we may reach out to you to further discuss your submission so that it can be properly evaluated. We also reserve the right to make linguistic adjustments before publication. If we judge that more intrusive editing is required, we will share our suggestions with you for your approval before publication.

Submissions should be sent to

Our Sections


This section focuses on promoting ongoing discussions concerning issues of the day, including UN reform and progress on the SDGs, as well as more conceptual topics such as the Grand Narrative or the Hexalogue and their meanings in our lives. These pieces can be responses to previous articles or the beginnings of new discussions. If you are responding to a specific piece, please note that in your submission.

For more information on the Grand Narrative and the Hexalogue use the link below:

Special Initiative: UN75+25 Alliance

To mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, we are looking to bring together members of the global governance community who have accumulated a wealth of experience over decades of practice with young leaders and innovators who will drive world developments over the next 25 years. We would like these conversations to focus on remaking the UN to preserve its relevance and enable it to better address the current challenges facing the world, while challenging the bad aspects of the present global governance system and of our world.


This section focuses on exploring specific policies, developments, or trends and explaining their impact on the global community. Submissions under this category might cover new technologies that create more environmentally sustainable industry, migration patterns and their impact on both origin and destination countries, or a new treaty and how nations are incorporating it into national law. These pieces are designed to focus on creating an understanding of important mechanisms among readers so that they can make informed decisions about complex topics.

Citizen Correspondent

This section focuses on those stories that the mainstream press fails to capture. Here we want to explore the vibrant cultures and diverse viewpoints of our global community in order to build more in-depth understanding of each other and reveal both the beauty and tragedy of the world we live in. Potential articles could focus on local issues that are not reported, cultural lessons/experiences that the world should be aware of, or personal insights on the world and how your experiences inform your viewpoint. Our goal in this section is to present as large a variety of viewpoints and sources of information as possible, from all geographical locations and nationalities, as well as social and professional backgrounds.

Editorial / Op-ed

This section focuses on providing opinions on current events or other relevant issues. Articles should be on a subject matter which you are an expert in, and your credentials should be made clear as a part of your submission. We hold these pieces to a higher standard than the other submission categories. Occasional pieces in this category signed collectively by “Katoikos” align with the FOGGS values and approach, and present the take on developments by the Katoikos and FOGGS management.


This section provides those of you who prefer conveying your message with images instead of words a way to contribute to Katoikos and be a part of our community.  Potential submissions include political cartoons that make a point about current events or systemic issues, photographs that give us insights into cultural issues, and illustrations that let us into moments that embody the spirit of unity and cooperation we want to foster in our community, or elements of disunity that we want to avoid. We welcome your creativity in your submissions in this category, so please utilize whatever medium best suits you to convey your message. We ask that you send us the images in a .JPEG format.


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