Episode 10 – The challenging present and future of global politics | Kerstin Leitner

The world is in one of the most critical periods that it’s ever been in. Tensions are rising, conflicts are higher and deadlier by the year and the pandemic’s scars are visible and painful. The war in Ukraine has dimmed the spirit of international cooperation at a time when it is most needed. Things are looking pretty gloomy – so where do we go from here?

To help me cope with my existential dread (and also provide incredible value to you, our listeners), Kerstin Leitner joined me on the podcast. Kerstin has 30 years of experience as a UN official, and she has lived in numerous places around the world, like Africa, China, and the United States. Today she lives in Berlin and teaches at Potsdam University.

In our talk, we went over a series of topics. We covered major areas of international politics, like the situations of China-Taiwan and Ukraine-Russia, as well as developing countries and their role on the international stage. We also discussed the potential of the UN to be a key actor in the development of global geopolitics in the coming decades, especially given the monumental importance of climate change and the need for serious cooperation in order to tackle it. We also talked about feminist foreign policy as an alternative to the paradigms that currently exist in governance systems worldwide. Thank you for tuning in!


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