Episode 1: The Role of Narratives in Governance and Politics | Yoriko Yasukawa

Welcome to the first episode of the Global Citizen, a podcast by the journal Katoikos.world and the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS). We’re starting off with an amazing interview with Yoriko Yasukawa, vice-president of FOGGS!

Yoriko has worked for over 35 years in efforts to advance inclusive and sustainable development, human rights, and cultures of peace, within and outside the United Nations system. She has also participated in the facilitation of negotiations that led to a national agreement on a new Constitution in Bolivia, the development of a citizens’ movement around universal basic education in Ecuador, and the advancement of the rights of indigenous peoples and Afrodescendants in Costa Rica.

Yoriko and Jason go deep into topics such as the role of narratives in politics, especially in today’s digital age, how the stories that humans tell themselves shape their direction, their priorities, and subsequently their actions, as well as how the conflict in Ukraine is interpreted and conveyed in different parts of the world. Tune in to hear more!


The editorial team of Katoikos

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