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By Frank Aragbonfoh Abumere

In global politics, complexity is the norm rather than the exception. One characteristic of the complexity of global politics is the dilemma between order and justice. On the one hand, the existence and sustenance of order, i.e. maintenance of peace and security, is seen by some politicians, diplomats and scholars as the overriding value in global politics. But on the other hand, the promotion of justice, i.e. respecting human rights, giving consideration to morality, etc, is seen by other politicians, diplomats and scholars as the overriding value in global politics. The European Union (EU) as a regional or supranational organisation cannot be said to either totally subscribe to the ‘overriding value’ of order or the ‘overriding value’ of justice…

By Marta Garayoa







Apparently, efficiency is losing its status in favour of exaggerated dedication; even if that dedication is just a façade and lacks consistency, because we can all guess what happens with the seat-warmers: they explode. None can handle that amount of pressure, lack of sleep, lack of free time… especially if all those sacrifices are not accompanied by a great amount of money, so they end up suddenly exploding, leaving the company, reconsidering all those lost hours spent warming someone else’s seat, all the missed plans, beers, potential relationships…

In his late 20s, Georgios Oikonomides has a lot to be proud of. His political activism, European studies and determination to succeed have taken him from small and distant Cyprus to the centre of European democracy, the European Parliament. He is not an MEP himself, at this point at least, but is “the right hand” of another Cypriot, MEP, Demetris Papadakis. We approached Georgios as a possible role model for young people who want to work for Europe and the European Institutions.

Which way forward for Social Europe?

By François Denuit


‘Social Europe’. These two terms have been used to mean many different things. Do they refer to the current social policies of the European Union? To the need to have a common European social welfare system? To the development of a left-wing agenda to balance the current monetarist and neo-liberal mainstream? Social Europe is vaguely defined and certainly reflects a little of all the questions above. The European social dimension is at a crossroad where the desirability for common European solutions is high but the diversity of national political preferences, fiscal regimes and social protection systems often make them appear to be unlikely.

We have all heard about the midlife crisis but, I hope I’m not alone here, I believe there is also a quarterlife crisis that might be hitting more people than we think. Maybe even you, reader, can see yourself, to a certain degree, stuck in this weird phase without even noticing it. You’re certainly not a kid but you don’t see yourself as a full adult either, so you’re trapped in a sort of limbo…

Do you remember this well-known French film which staged the cultural dialogue and the festive atmosphere associated with the Erasmus student exchange program? Twelve years ago, “L’Auberge espagnole” popularized what millions of young students in various countries of Europe (and even beyond the borders of the EU) have known now for over 25 years. Although the famous European program encourages student and professional mobility within the Union, a genuine cultural diversity and the development of a sense of European citizenship, it is now necessary to go further so that the Europe of tomorrow is not just for the few.

English Language as Cultural Capital

Graham McDougall – Just as the Euro represents a symbol of economic capital in what is perceived to be a rapidly homogenising European economy, the English language is quickly becoming a symbol of great cultural capital and a highly desirable, borderline indispensable skill; a must for the CV of any young European who wishes to be a important player in this brave new world.

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