Climate march, March 2019, Brussels. Photo: Dominikos K. Chrysidis

This month is a landmark one for humanity and our planet.

The upcoming UN Summits in New York will focus on the two top issues on the global agenda: climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. So this is the time to raise awareness, reflect on, talk and write about these crucial issues and their connection to global governance, global sustainability, the economy and society.

This month is also the time to act. This is why millions of inhabitants (katoikoi) of planet Earth will be going on strike on Friday, September 20. This strike is not just about the usual stuff. Climate change is not a future threat anymore. It is here, it burns down our forests, it limits our water resources, it destroys our food crops, it perpetuates and strengthens social, economic and regional disparities, it impacts directly our slow motion broken down and unfair global economy; The climate crisis is happening now and is getting worse by the day, unless action, serious action, is taken.

FOGGS, through its digital community-building project, Katoikos.eu/Katoikos.world, is working on the development of a grand narrative that will explain, challenge and bind the world – a disruptive plan for a globalisation that is fair for all people and the environment. This plan we are advocating to the UN, EU and other key players around the world to make humanity and the planet the top priority.

Go on the easiest internet search tool you have on your desktop and find the closest climate strike around you. But also make your own commitments, what you will do as global citizen / climate and sustainability warrior to save the world! Send us a photo of your action and/or a short article. September is the month of engagement! September is a month of decisions!


The editorial team of Katoikos

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