Ed Sheeran surprises a couple on their wedding day

Sometimes, these things do happen. The story begins with an Australian couple who wanted to marry but didn’t have enough resources to pay for the wedding. So he goes to radio station KIIS FM 1065 to ask them if they could give him a hand with the expenses. The tale ends with the radio paying for all the wedding costs.

The prince and the princess were huge fans of British singer Ed Sheeran. One of their must at their wedding day was to have their first dance as husband and wife to Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud’.

So, as all fairy tales, the wedding was beautiful and full of charm. But this story doesn’t end here. Just right before the dance with the newlyweds ready on stage, the radio collaborators appeared at the reception… along with Ed Sheeran himself! And yes, he sang live the song that the couple had ask for.

Without a doubt this has been a moving, beautiful and romantic gesture by Ed Sheeran… Just a simple act that has made this beautiful couple very happy on their special day.

Want to see the video? Just click on the following link!

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