UN75+25: The UN in a Word – A Photo Competition

The FOGGS staff rack their brains in an attempt to define the UN in a single word

UN Day, 24 October, is only a few weeks away. To prepare for the festivities, the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS) and Katoikos are looking to build a video collage of 100 photos to symbolize what the UN represents to the citizens of the world as a part of our UN75+25 Alliance. We are asking you to send us a picture of one* word that answers one of the following questions:

1. What has the UN been most associated with over the past 75 years?

Think about what values the UN has upheld, what qualities it has embodied, and what accomplishments it has achieved in the past 75 years.

2. What do you want the UN to champion over the next 25 years?

Think about what issues the UN should prioritize, what qualities should be enhanced, and what other things the UN should promote, foster, reaffirm, or focus on, as we look to the future.

You can write the word on a card, or you can be more creative in how you depict the word. However you choose to do it, the word must be clearly visible in the photo. You can write your word in any language, but we ask that you provide the language the word is written in and the English translation so we can share the meaning with our entire community. We’ll leave the rest up to you!

To encourage your creativity, we will also be giving special recognition to photos under the following categories:

  1.      The most visible people in the photo.
  2.      The most creative in displaying the word.
  3.      Best integrates your cultural background into the photo.
  4.      The most artistic photo.
  5.      The FOGGS Staff Pick.

There may be a prize for those selected, so send us your best photo!

Please email your picture to info@foggs.org with the subject “FOGGS Photo Contest”.  It is required that you include the following information in the body of the email:

  • The question you answered (1. or 2.)
  • Your word in English
  • The language it is written in if it is not English

We also ask that you include the following so we can credit you in our video:

  • Your name
  • Your home country
  • Any social media you use

The deadline for submitting your photo is 17 October.

The video will premiere on 23 October, at our online event in observance of UN Day. We will be discussing a wide variety of issues facing the UN and the world. More details on this event will be shared in the near future. We hope to see you there!

* We realize some very important concepts and ideas such as “human rights” and “climate change” are two words. We will allow the extra word in those cases.

By submitting your photo, you give FOGGS and Katoikos the right to use this image as a part of any future productions.


The editorial team of Katoikos

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