Articles by Mohammad Taher Gholi Tabar

Mohammad Taher Gholi Tabar is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Studies of Religions at the University of Religions and Denominations (URD) in Qom, Iran, where he is the Director of the Office of European and American Affairs. Professor Gholi Tabar lectures regularly in various fora and universities in Iran, as well as in Europe, and is engaged in interfaith programmes and peacemaking activities worldwide. His publications include papers on inter-religious dialogue, religious tourism, and co-existence.

Introduction As the Middle East grapples with a myriad of intricate geopolitical challenges, the role played by the United Nations (UN) in ensuring peace and security becomes increasingly pivotal. This article aims to delve into the perspectives of Middle Eastern citizens regarding the capabilities and effectiveness of the UN in addressing the security threats prevalent…

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