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Meghan O'Farrell

At least 30 dead and dozens wounded in various terrorist attacks in Brussels (22 March). One of the explosions has been reported at the Zaventem airport causing 13 deaths shortly after 8 am which, according to Belgian officials, was caused by a suicide bomber. At the moment, the number of victims is still rising from…

Malpractice in the Mediterranean

Libya is sick. And on 23 April, the European Council effectively wrote a prescription for ibuprofen. The absolute horror currently taking place in the Mediterranean- individuals packed onto a rickety boats like sardines in a can, trapped behind locked doors, drowning slowly as their last hope for a future escapes along with the last bit of air in their lungs- is symptomatic of the utter hell plaguing the failed state. A hell, bear in mind, that the West had a heavy hand in creating after the UNSC invoked the Responsibility to Protect, paving the way for military intervention and the subsequent ousting of Muammar Gaddafi.

The deaths of nearly 800 migrants fleeing violence and political turmoil in search of safety on European shores, which took place over a month after Ms. Mogherini’s remarks in New York, prompted an emergency EU summit of the heads of state and government in Brussels on Thursday, 23 April. But the meeting is already drawing criticism as many accuse the EU of providing a quick military response to a problem that begs a comprehensive foreign policy and humanitarian solution. The leaders in Brussels agreed that Europe’s “immediate priority” is to prevent additional carnage in the Mediterranean

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