Motivations for Ecological Action #18



Bob Haverluck

Bob Haverluck is a storyteller, cartoonist, and theologian who lives on the bank of the Red River on its way to Hudson Bay. A key inspiration underlying his artwork is the great and ancient near-forgotten Peace Treaty tween all the Creatures, sister Mother Earth and the Creator. Bob is a Katoikos Artist-in-Residence and a “mentor” with the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation working with emerging young scholars to bridge the Academy to the Street. He is also a participating artist at the Virtual Water Gallery of the University of Saskatchewan. His most recent books include “ WHEN GOD WAS FLESH AND WILD: Stories in Defence of the Earth” (2017) with 55 drawings and the upcoming joint work with Kathleen Dean Moore “TAKE HEART: Encouragement for Earth’s Weary Lovers”, a book of 25 short essays and drawings. 

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