Daily Archives: 4 July, 2015

Citizen Correspondent

By Deniz Torcu

The image that has started to go viral in social media amongst Greek users is simple, yet strong enough to explain the stand of the majority. It says a clear “NO”, however the rejection is composed of the sentence “YES TO THE EURO”. My recent trip to Athens was a clear depiction of how devastated the country really is. The once busy neighbourhoods filled with restaurants, cafés and shops are now being replaced by two yellow signs that mark the desperation of the people: “for rent” and “for sale”, appearing side by side.

The final gatherings of the No and Yes camps took place in various cities of Greece on Friday, 3 July. The screen shot here is from Greek public television ERT (“EPT”), showing on the left the No (“OXI”) event at Syntagma Square, and on the right the Yes (“NAI”) event in front of the old Olympic…

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