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Citizen Correspondent

By David Yarrow and Sean McDaniel

Jeremy Corbyn, a rebellious left-wing MP who remained on the fringes of the UK’s Labour Party for over thirty years, has stormed onto the political scene and won the party’s recent election by a landslide. Winning an enormous 59.5% of the vote in a four-way contest, Corbyn’s victory gives him an unprecedented mandate from the Labour Party’s members and affiliated supporters.

By Lorenzo Genito

The results of the 2015 UK general election, although unexpected, are pretty clear. Among the biggest losers are the Liberal Democrats, whose parliamentary representation was slashed from 57 to only 8 seats. The UK Independence Party (UKIP), despite having obtained excellent results in some constituencies, has ended up with only 1 seat. The winners of this election are, first and foremost, the Tories, who managed to score a small yet sufficient majority in the Commons.

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