Guidelines for authors

The following guidelines will help our copy-editors and speed up the publication of the article.


  • We usually run pieces of 500–1000 words. If your text is much longer, please consider breaking it up into several, more or less self-contained articles, which could be published as a series.
  • If possible, please always send us your text as a DOC/DOCX/ODT file attachment. It will allow us, should this be necessary, to add editorial suggestions, clarification requests, comments, etc. and use tracking mode.
  • Please provide one or two 160-characters-long versions of a teaser/lead text, which should introduce your article and make the readers want to read it.
  • Please pick a few strong pull quotes and/or add crossheads to break the text into smaller chucks.
  • Please avoid bibliographical footnotes, but do link parts of your text to online sources you quote or otherwise draw information from.


  • If you don’t have access to original photo material or permission from a photographer or illustrator to use their material, please suggest royalty-free illustrations from the images available online. You can find such material on Google Images (apply the filter using Tools > Usage rights > Labelled for reuse), Flickr (filter “Creative Commons”), Pixabay, etc. Sometimes, the websites of the institutions involved (governments, ministries, the EU institutions, such as the Council’s Newsroom, etc.) could be useful in this regard.

Author’s info

  • If it is your first publication on Katoikos, please also send us your short bio, links to any of your social media profiles (in particular, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), your website ‘s address if you would like to make these public, and you photo.

Feedback round

  • The editor(s) might send your draft back to you with track-mode editorial suggestions and comments.
  • The comments usually give information as to why the editors find some passages problematic not yet publishable in their current state. Accordingly, please avoid replying with another comment. Instead, please rework the text itself to make your points clearer.

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